Trevor Bauer Giving Part Of His Salary To Charity

By Norm Hall - Getty Images

(Cleveland) - Indians starting pictcher Trevor Bauer has decided to send a message about the baseball arbitration system, while also helping out charity.

Bauer wanted a $6.9 million dollar deal for this season, which he then reduced to $6,420.969.69.  (Read what you wish into the numbers "420" and "69.")  He eventually settled for $6,525,000.

In a video on his web page, Bauer says that's still too much money, so he going to donate money to charity over 69 days, in increments of $420.69.  It actually comes to a total of $98,027.61.  Bauer says he'll decide on which charities to give the money to, based on what's chosen by fans who fill out a form on his web site.

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

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