Eggshelland: A Cleveland Tradition Returns

(Richmond Heights) - If you grew up in the Cleveland area in the last 60 years, you're familiar with Eggshelland, the Easter tradition that started on the front lawn of a home in Lyndhurst.  Eggshelland is back, at a new location.

A preservation group has set up 14,000 of the original Eggshelland eggs in a display at Richmond Town Square mall in Richmond Heights, and it's open to the public each day until the day before Easter.

Ron Manolio started Eggshelland on his front lawn in 1957, each year adding more and more real eggs to colorful displays.  His original displays had as many as 40,000 eggs, all individually laid out.

Admission to Eggshelland is free.  It's open noon-7 p.m. daily (1-6 p.m. Sunday the 25th) until March 31st.  They will be taking donations for the Jimmy Malone College Now Kids Foundation.

(Photo courtesy Richmond Town Square)

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