New Billboards Remind LeBron James "This Is Home."

(Image courtesy of Cleveland Plain Dealer via Twitter)

CLEVELAND - Fairlawn realtor Alison McIntyre Baranek says she posting the two billboards on behalf of all Akron fans.

Billboards trying to woo King James have been popping up across the country.  In February, a Philadelphia fan paid for three of the signs on I-480 and since then, billboards have gone up in L.A., Portland and other cities hoping to lure away the pending free agent.

Particularly annoyed by a Lakers fans billboard, Baranek waited for similar messages to go up in Akron, before taking it upon herself to do it. The first of her billboards went live on Wednesday on I-77 north of Copley Road and the second will be active March 28th through 31st on Route 18 in Medina. 

Baranek says she selected the signs for their highest visibility and even designed them herself. Her first pictures ruby athletic shoes with number 23 and a message that reads: "LeBron, there's no place like home #ThisIsHome."

Baranek told the Cleveland Plain Dealer the billboards were expensive but said "I think it's worth the investment to get the word out to LeBron that his hometown loves him."

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