More than $5 million jackpot for Queen of Hearts

Grayton Road Tavern

(Cleveland) - Thousands of people with dreams of being an instant millionaire will be watching tonight what goes on at a bar on Cleveland's west side.

The Queen of Hearts raffle at the Grayton Road Tavern continues this evening. 

The jackpot tonight is over $5 million dollars. Tavern owner Jimmy Page says he never dreamed the game would grow this big, and he feels great knowing that it's going to eventually change someone's life forever. 

Page says he will continue Queen of Hearts even after the huge jackpot is won. 

You play by purchasing a ticket, and before you put it in the drawing, you guess which one of the remaining playing cards is the Queen of Hearts. 

The game so popular that tickets have to be bought off-site.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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