Tribe Notes from Goodyear for March 8

Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

-Andrew Miller has been backed up a day, but he’s fine. Terry Francona has had him working out daily and after dealing with the flu. Miller is ramping up for the regular season and should pitch on Friday. Francona also basically said Miller and Cody Allen are on the same program. And with the load they are expected to carry during the season the team is just cautious on how they get their back end of the bullpen prepared.

-Michael Brantley swung the bat well in a B game on Wednesday, as he was 2-4 swinging the bat. He wasn’t required to run the bases(neither were the others participating) but he came out feeling well physically.

-Brantley came in on Thursday feeling a bit of a scratchy throat. He got his work in and then was sent home. Same with Danny Salazar who is still in the process of rehabbing his right shoulder. He’s thrown up to 90 feet, the team is now deciding if his next step will be from 120 feet or to get him onto the mound.

-Francisco Lindor played in his 3rd game in a row on Thursday, something that he asked Francona to do. Lindor just feels that it helps him get into a better rhythm when he can play a few days in a row.

-The tribe played in consecutive night games vs the Cubs and Dodgers. Francona loves having night games during spring training because most of teams games during the season are at night and also the night games give guys time to get some rest. Francona would like if more night games were played during the spring going forward.

-Francona was asked does he think certain guys are more clutch than others in RBI situations? He thinks the key to guys that succeed the most in those situations are the guys that can hit when pitchers are pitching them backwards and can slow things down mentally in those situations.

- Andre Knott

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