No Queen of Hearts winner

Queen of Hearts Jackpot

(Cleveland) - There was no winner at the Grayton Road Tavern Wednesday night. 

The Queen of Hearts was not picked. It was the Two of Hearts. So the contest will continue for another week. 

The ticket that was drawn belonged to Ed Gallagher, and his brother Tom was watching the proceedings closely. 

Tom says he's not disappointed his brother failed to draw the Queen of Hearts, because he's just as lucky, and expects his ticket to be selected next Wednesday. 

The jackpot was just over $4 million just before the drawing and is now sure to go higher. 

The Queen of Hearts raffle has been continuing now for close to a year. You buy a ticket, and before you put it in the drawing, you guess which one of 5 remaining playing cards is the Queen of Hearts.  The game is so popular that tickets have to be bought off-site.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM

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