Storm Knocks Out Power To Tens Of Thousands

(Cleveland) - At the height of Thursday night's heavy snowfall, as many as 85,000 FirstEnergy customers were without power because of the wet, heavy snow bringing down tree limbs and power lines.

That number is gradually getting smaller as time goes on, but power crews will have to restore each customer individually, which takes much longer than a widespread outage, which can usually be dealt with by re-setting a transformer, or re-routing power.  In this case, lines are actually down and have to be reconnected.

FirstEnergy's web site says it could be 8:00 p.m. Saturday before power is restored to most customers in Greater Cleveland.

Always keep a battery-operated radio handy at times like this, or you can listen to WTAM 1100 on your smartphone during power outages by using the iHeartRadio app.

(Graphic courtesy FirstEnergy)

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