Plans moving forward on a Hyperloop link

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

(Cleveland) - There is a proposal to construct a Hyperloop link between Cleveland and Chicago, with leaders in both states agreeing to a feasibility study. 

The Hyperloop train would transport passengers at 700 miles per hour, making to trip to Chicago in just 30 minutes, in a vacuum tight tunnel. 

Bill Yu is a professor of civil engineering at Case Western Reserve University, and believes the project is scientifically feasible. 

Yu tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, says the price tag could reach $7 billion, but economic benefits might make the cost worthwhile. 

He feels, it would make Cleveland a major destination, and could change the city's image, while creating technological spin-offs like the space program.  

An official announcement about the Hyperloop project is expected to be made the Great Lakes Science Center at 9:30 this morning.

(Photos provided by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies)

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