Judge to decide if Christopher Whitaker should die

DeFreeze Family and prosecutor

(Cleveland) - The jury deliberated about a day, before deciding that Christopher Whitaker should be put to death. 

Dennesha Cooper is the mother of Alianna DeFreeze and feels the execution chamber may be the easy way out for Whitaker. She was hoping for life without parole, wanting Whitaker to suffer behind bars for this rest of his days. 

Damon DeFreeze says he felt little relief when the jury recommended death for the man who tortured and murdered his 14 year old daughter. It did not lessen his pain and sorrow. 

DeFreeze says he will be in the courtroom on March 5th to personally address Whitaker, when Judge Carolyn Friedland hands down her final decision. 

DeFreeze explains he is more motivated that ever to continue his work to provide transportation for Cleveland's inner city children who now walk to class through dangerous neighborhoods. 

Alianna was abducted on her way to school last year, her body was later found in an abandoned building.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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