Teen shooter dies in hospital

Police Chief Mark Brink

(Stark County) - The teen who shot himself at Jackson Memorial Middle School Tuesday has been identified as 13 year old Keith Simons. 

The investigation is continuing, but Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink said that Simons passed away at Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron early Wednesday afternoon.

Brink said that Simons entered the school on Tuesday with a .22 caliber rifle hidden in his coat, with bottle rockets, batteries, and ammo in his backpack, but wouldn't not reveal any details. 

He did explain that Simons got the weapon from his mother's house. 

The school was placed on lockdown when a single shot was heard. No one else was hurt. 

Brink emphasized the devices in the backpack were not a bomb that would've harmed anyone. 

It's not clear if the shooting was intentional, or if Simons was plotting to harm people inside the school.

 Brink added that the investigation will take a long time to complete.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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