Lebron responds to Laura Ingraham

Los Angeles (TTWN Networks) Lebron James isn't going to let a Fox News Host deter him from speaking on issues he finds important to him.

James responded to Laura Ingraham telling him to stay out of politics when he held his All-Star weekend press conference today in Los Angeles.

James said he would not "shut up and dribble", that he "means too much to society" and to youth who may "feel they don't have a voice", and who need someone to lead them.

James said he would have more respect for Ingraham if she had actually written the words she said instead of reading them off a teleprompter.

Lebron James has been vocal speaking out against President Trump, social inequality and other issues.

The Cavaliers star posted on Instagram "I am more than an athlete".

Ingraham released a statement saying there was no racial intent in her comments.

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