Activists conduct minimum wage protest

Minimum wage protest in Cleveland.

(Cleveland) - On the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Memphis sanitation worker strike supported by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., fast food workers, healthcare workers, security officers, janitors, hospital workers, public employees and others joined together for a rally and press conference at East 105th & Euclid Avenue.  

It was called the “Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for a Moral Revival.” 

Demonstrators gathered near the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and several cultural institutions where they say a lot of workers are only paid the base rate.  

The event was in conjunction with a nationwide day of protests including Memphis, Detroit and Chicago. Cleveland workers vowed to continue the sanitation workers’ 1968 fight for higher wages and union representation.  

Organizers say they were showing their support for cooks and cashiers across the Mid-South who were also striking for $15 and hour wages and union rights. 

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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