GAME SET MATCH! LeBron's Buzzer Beater win 140-138

In a classic offensive shootout, LeBron hits the game saving block and the game winner shot to defeat the Timberwolves 140-138.

There are no words to describe how important of a win this was for LeBron and the Cavs as their downfall became the national story not only in the NBA but also in sports. Whether it was team dysfunction, ugly blowout losses on national television, or second half collapses against inferior competition, it hasn't been a good 2018 to say the least.

Tonight might be the start of a new future for the Cavs, or it could be an outlier for an otherwise downward trend. But for one night, the fans at Quicken Loans Arena experienced their first truly satisfying win of the 2018 calendar year. 

LeBron James finishes the night with another triple double; 37 points, 15 assists, and 10 rebounds in 48 minutes of play. The shooters came to play tonight as JR Smith finishes with 20 points and Thomas, Korver, and Green each finished with at least 13 points.

Will the Cavs make a move by the 3pm trade deadline Thursday afternoon. Time will time but the Cavs for one night finally enjoys a satisfying win.

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