Social Worker Charged With Taking Bribes To Ignore Child Abuse


(CLEVELAND) - A Cuyahoga County social worker assigned to keep tabs on a family with a history of abuse is now facing charges for taking bribes to ignore the conditions of the children at the home.  One of the children, 5-year-old Jordan Rodriguez, died and was found buried in his mother's backyard on West 80th street.  His mother, Larissa Rodriguez, has already been charged in his death.  She pleaded not guilty earlier this month.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office announced murder charges against her husband, Christopher Rodriguez, as well on Wednesday.  He is already serving time in the Medina County Jail for child support-related crimes.  

County prosecutor Michael O'Malley said the family was receiving $1,000 in food stamps each month, but sold those food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar to a social worker, Nancy Caraballo, in exchange for her silence.  O'Malley said she did not report the abuse suffered by the children, nor the deplorable conditions in which they lived, despite being legally required to do so.  Caraballo faces up to 50 years behind bars, but O'Malley said that if Jordan's autopsy shows signs of malnutrition, Caraballo could face additional charges and jail time.

Caraballo worked for Catholic Charities, which had a contract with an agency called Bright Beginnings, which got its funding from the county and the State of Ohio.

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