Bennie the Cleveland Police dog retires

Bennie the Police Dog retires

(Cleveland) - Hundreds of students at Mary Queen of Peace School in Cleveland took part in a surprise retirement party for Bennie the explosives detecting police canine. 

Ten year old Bennie is leaving to become a house dog after 8.5 years of service to the community. 

The students sang to Bennie and gave him cards. Father Doug Brown offered a prayer that Bennie be able to enjoy his retirement. 

Police Captain Keith Sulzer announced that Bennie is being named "Officer of the Month". He was gifts of appreciation, including 3 orders of roasted chicken. 

Bennie's handler, Officer Paul Fronkoviak admits they were caught off guard by surprise party, he thought they were summoned to the school to give a talk about police canines. 

Fronkoviak is a little sad that Bennie is leaving the force, but his faithful partner will now become the family pet and can live a life of ease.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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