Rover to lead the Perfect Season Parade

Rover's Morning Glory

(Cleveland) - An iHeartMedia talk show host will be the Grand Marshall for this week's 0-and-16 Perfect  Season Parade. 

Shane "Rover" French, of Rover's Morning Glory on 100.7 WMMS, will lead the procession around FirstEnergy Stadium on Saturday at noon with the usual cast of characters from his radio show. 

Critics claim the parade will make Cleveland look bad, but Rover maintains it's all in fun, and will give fans the opportunity to vent their displeasure over such a lousy record. 

As horrible has this winless season has been, Rover says he just wants to have a little fun, and keep things in perspective. After all, he points out that this is a game where millionaires perform in tights.

(Photos courtesy 100.7 WMMS-FM)

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