Water Boil Notice Issued For Much Of Medina

(Medina) - Due to a water main break, a precautionary boil notice has been issued for much of the City of Medina.

The affected areas include Medina City residents living in the northeast quadrant of the city, bordered by East Washington Street, North Court Street, Harding Street to east city limits, including Burgundy Bay and Retreat Drive.

Also, in the southeast quadrant of the city - bordered by East Washington Street, Wadsworth Road and including the following streets:  South Broadway, Grant Street, South Street and Malloy Court. 

The water main break is along Route 18, near the hospital.

The city hopes to lift the boil notice as soon as the test results are received.  The boil notice will remain in effect for a minimum of 18 hours, possibly longer.  The City of Medina will post updates on the City website, Armstrong Cable Access Channels #36 and #37, City Facebook page as well as submit to the local media.

During the notice, residents are advised to boil the tap water to be used for drinking at a rolling boil for one minute.  

Contact City of Medina Water Service Office at 330-722-9081 and 330-722-9026 for any further clarification.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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