The Spew 12-22-17

1.      Here  we go Brownies.  Here we go!  The Browns take on the Bears in Chicago  on Christmas Eve.  Last year, Santa brought the Browns a win.  Can they  get their first win of the season?  The Browns are 6 and a half point  underdogs.  Can they at least cover?


2.      Excederine  has agreed to sponsor the 0-16 Parade if the Browns lose two more  games. Thousands of Browns fans are expected to watch the parade if it  happens.  Will this become a nationwide story if it happens?  Will the  national media think Cleveland is a joke?


3.      The Average  American will spend $700 this Christmas according to the National  Retail Federation with an estimated $465 million spent nationwide.  Will  you spend more or less than the national average?


4.      Papa  John's says its founder John Schnatter will step down as CEO next  month. This comes about two months after he publicly criticized the NFL  leadership over national anthem protests by football players. His  comments about the protests drew praise from white supremacists and the  company apologized two weeks later. Are you surprised he would be  removed as CEO? Do you think his comments about the NFL protests hurt or  helped his sales?


5.        The  fastest growing state in the county according to the U.S. Census is  Idaho with a 2.2% population increase followed by Nevada at 2%, Utah at  1.9% and Washington at 1.7%.  Does it surprise that Idaho is #1?


6.      Today is the first full day of winter which means spring is just 91 days away!  What is your favorite season of the year?


7.      The  list of top baby names are out for 2017 and topping the list for girls  is Olivia followed by Cora, Amelia, Charlotte, Isla, Isabella, Maia,  Aurora, Amara and Ava. The number one name for boys is Atticus followed  by Asher, Jack, Theodore, Jasper, Milo, Oliver, Silas, Henry and Wyatt.   Mike and John don’t make the top ten.  What do you think about Oliva  and Atticus being the top baby names?


8.      It could resemble a scene from the thriller movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock if ever used in combat.   South Korea is building a force of military drones that could target  North Korea.  A South Korean military official recently said the combat  unit is expected to become operational sometime next year and the small  weaponized drones could attack the North's missile, nuclear or other  military targets in swarms.  Could you imagine thousands of drones being used in a military maneuver?


9.      Dateline:   The United Kingdom.  A mother took to the UK social forum “Mumset” to  complain about a woman who was sunbathing topless at a pool in front of  her kids at a family vacation resort.  One mother posted “if looking at  her boobs makes you uncomfortable, stop looking” while others “Mums”  agreed with her.  What do you think?  Is it OK for women to go topless  in front of children who are not her own?


10.   The  French government will ban students from using mobile phones in the  country’s primary, junior and middle schools at the start of the next  school year.  Reports say that children will be allowed to bring their  phones to school, however they will not allowed to use them until they  leave, even during breaks. The French education minister said the ban  was also a “public health message to families”, adding: “It’s good that  children are not too often, or even at all, in front of a screen before  the age of seven.” Do you agree with the French government's efforts?  

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