Daughter Missing More than Two Decades

Tricia Reitler, disappeared March 29, 1993/ Photo: The Reitlers

     Their daughter vanished nearly 25 years ago.  The Reitlers of Olmsted Falls still don't know where she is, and they want to bring her home.  19-year old Tricia Reitler was a freshman at Indiana Wesleyan University.  On March 29, 1993, Tricia was studying for finals when she went to get a pop at a nearby convenience store.  She was seen walking to and in the store -- but, Tricia vanished walking back to her dorm.  

      Tricia's bloody clothes were found neatly piled on campus, an earring on top with the back still on that looked like it was ripped out of her ear and may have bled down her shirt.  The Reitlers rushed to the campus but knew the news wasn't good.  

     Over the years, there have been jail house inmates who have confessed to the crime but police say they have no concrete evidence to link them to the murder or disappearance of Tricia.Mom, Donna, and father, Garry, feel robbed, especially this time of year.  Tricia would be in her forties now, likely married with children.  Their other kids have children of their own now but there is always something missing; there is always an empty seat at the table.

     They believe Tricia was probably abducted and murdered the same day she disappeared, more than two decades ago.  They are believers and still hold on strong to their faith.  They believe Tricia is with God.  They just wish they would have had more time with their daughter.   

     There are moments of hope, though, like when Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were rescued alive after being held in captivity by Ariel Castro for more than a decade.  Donna says she rejoiced for the women and their families but felt a twinge of jealously hoping for her own miracle of God.  In the meantime, they try not to be bitter as they wait for justice on Earth, but know vengeance is the Lord's.

Tricia Reitler missing poster/ Age Progression Photo

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