Woman Bites Westlake Worker While Stealing Pricey Booze

(Photos by Westlake Police)

(Westlake) - Westlake police are searching for a toothy trio, accused of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of pricey booze from the Giant Eagle Liquor Agency on Detroit Road.  Police said, on Dec. 3, two men and a woman stole $377 worth of Patron and Moet-brand alcoholic beverages from the store.  The woman then bit a male employee on the chest as he tried to stop her from leaving.

They drove away in a white 4 door sedan with the license plate covered up, but the bitten employee threw a wine bottle at the departing suspect vehicle, breaking the rear window.

The same trio is suspected of a similar theft at the same store on Nov. 18; $350 worth of Patron-brand tequila was taken in that instance, although no force was used.

Anyone who can ID the suspects is asked to call Westlake PD at 440-871-3311.

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