Browns Strikeout Again

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The Cleveland Browns are doing what they do best....firing their employees. This time, they have fired Sashi Brown who had the final say on personnel. It was clear Brown was out of his element selecting players (although he was good with contracts and keeping the Browns severely under the cap). It's also smart to get ahead of the general manager search four weeks out because the Browns are not a desirable job to begin with so you have to get ahead of the curve.

However in typical Jimmy (Dee) Haslam fashion, they are wrong yet again.

HASLAM HAS NO ABILITY TO RUN A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM! Hue Jackson will most likely be 1-31 as the head coach of the Browns by the end of the 2017 season. Why would you commit to a head coach that has shown no ability to win with this team? The idea of how to succeed with the other 31 NFL teams is to land a front office president, then the general manager, then the head coach.

For the third time since Jimmy Haslam took ownership of the Browns, he will have a head coach in place before a president and/or a general manager. The organizational issues have been self-inflicted because Haslam refuses to work in the formula that has worked. Plus, how can the coach operate his system if the front office doesn't land the players for his system.

This doesn't mean Hue Jackson shouldn't return next season, but you can't commit someone who's as huge as the head coach if their record becomes 1-31! The cycle for the Browns must break. This is not the way to do it.

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