Church attacks prompt faith-based security summit


(Cuyahoga County) - A faith-based security summit was held at the Middleburg Heights Community Center to address concerns about terrorist attacks and mass shootings at places of worship. 

Summit organizer Bruce Hennes feels more churches need to prepared for the unthinkable. They should have a security plan in place, practice that plan, and update it regularly as conditions warrant. 

Hennes says pastors can train choir members to keep a close eye on the congregation and visitors during services, since they have the best view of the sanctuary and can quickly alert security if something is wrong.  

He s contends churches may also need to upgrade their insurance policies in case they are held liable in a shooting attack, sexual misconduct, or food-based illness. 

More than 200 attendees representing many denominations attended the summit to get advice from first responders, security experts, and attorneys.

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