Geauga County targeted in jury duty scam

Jury Scam Alert

(Geauga County) -  Residents are being targeted in a jury duty scam. 

Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand says over the last several days, they have been getting complaints from residents, that they received a phone call stating that they missed a court date. 

Crooks instruct them to go to a pharmacy like Rite-Aid, CVS or Walgreens to get a money order for $1200-$2500 and then contact the Sheriffs office. 

Hildenbrand tells Newsradio WTAM 1100, the crooks even mentioned local judges and police officials in their calls.. 

Hildenbrand stresses, no Geauga County court official would call and threaten anyone with arrest for missing a jury duty date, so do not do what the schemers want, just hang up. 

One resident has already lost $1300 in the scam. 

Hildenbrand says the case is being actively investigation.

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