Charles Walker found guilty in drive-by shooting


(Cleveland) - A Cuyahoga County jury found Charles Walker guilty of all charges for the drive-by shooting of two victims. 

He faces Life in Prison without the Possibly of Parole. Sentencing is scheduled for November 15 at 1:30pm.

 “Sadly, this is becoming a daily occurrence. Two lives lost and three people who will probably spend the rest of their lives in prison,” said Prosecutor Michael O’Malley. “These young men need to wake up to the fact that guns and violence will never be the answer.”  

On March 25, 2017, at approximately 1:25 p.m., three defendants -- Terrell Gray, Kassius Williams, and Charles Walker--were driving westbound on Woodland Avenue. 

They had patronized a convenient store at Woodland and Woodhill Ave, where one was seen on video carrying a gun. 

They pulled out of the store to chase a car driving westbound on Woodland Avenue. As the defendants approached E. 89th St. and Buckeye Road, they fired on a vehicle with one adult and two juveniles. 

One of the juveniles, Tywain Johnson, 15, was struck three times in the head and died.  

During the shooting, David Wilder, 61, happened to be traveling westbound on Woodland Avenue, several car lengths—1,400 feet—behind the shooting. 

One of the bullets struck Wilder and killed him.The three defendants drove to St. Vincent Charity’s ER to treat Gray for a gunshot wound to his hand. 

Gray was shot by a co-defendant. In response to the gunshot wound, the hospital contacted Cleveland Police, whom arrested the three defendants at the hospital. 

The Jury found Walker guilty of all charges: two counts of Aggravated Murder, two counts of Murder committed as a result of discharging a firearm on a public roadway, two counts of Murder committed as a result of a Felonious Assault, two counts of Discharging a Firearm on a Public Roadway, four counts of Felonious Assault, and one count of Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle.  

The Jury also found Walker guilty CCW and the firearm specifications including a 5-Year Drive-By Shooting specification.

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