Euclid mayor fires suspended officer

Cleveland (AP) - Authorities say a white police officer who punched a black man more than a dozen times in a traffic stop outside Cleveland was fired for use of excessive force, insubordination, unbecoming conduct and other rule violations.

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail announced the decision Friday against Officer Michael Amiott for the August 12th confrontation.

Dashcam video shows Amiott wrestling 25-year-old Richard Hubbard III to the ground within seconds of ordering him to "face away".

Amiott had been suspended for 45 days without pay after an internal hearing in August.

Gail said she received other complaints about Amiott after his suspension.

She said the arrest and complaints called Amiott's suitability as an officer into question.

Amiott, police and a police union didn't immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

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