Ohio BCI has new dog who can sniff out crime

Columbus (AP) - Ohio's investigative agency has added a new weapon in the fight against child pornography and exploitation - a Labrador retriever named Reptar that can sniff out hidden electronic devices.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation says 22-month-old Reptar's specialized training allows him to detect chemical traces in electronic devices like computers, cellphones and USB storage devices.

He's been assigned to BCI's Crimes Against Children unit.

Agents say Reptar used his nose to find a memory card in the false bottom of a drawer and a flash drive hidden behind a stereo during a search in a recent child pornography investigation.

The Agency says there's one other dog with Reptar's capabilities in Ohio and about 50 in the world.

A grant covered the $11,000 cost to buy and train Reptar.

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