Nanny Caught Drinking Boss's Breast Milk Tells Her Not To Be So Stingy

Breast milk has some amazing properties that help babies' development and growth, but can it have the same benefits for adults? One nanny thinks so - so much that she was caught drinking her new boss's breast milk.  

According to the New York Post, a 27-year-old mother to a two-year-old and a one-month-old in Taiwan hired the 58-year-old nanny to help her with the baby. 

The mom caught the nanny drinking her milk but rather than angrily freak out, she asked her not to, explaining that it was for the baby and any leftover should go to her two-year-old. 

However, the mother saw the milk was still disappearing quickly so she checked the footage on her home camera and saw the nanny, who was in the area of the cameras, hide behind the refrigerator door and chug the breast milk. 

When the mom confronted her, the nanny didn't apologize, claimed she had "only drunk a little," and even accused the mother of being stingy and mean for not sharing. 

She was fired and responded by saying her previous employer let her take breast milk home, then she added that she never wanted to work for the woman anyways. 

The mother spoke with authorities who said that while the nanny's behavior was unprofessional, there wasn't any kind of misconduct. The nanny reportedly now works for a kindergarten. 

Photo Credit: Getty

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