LeBron: Trump's Voters Are "Uneducated," Made Wrong Choice

(Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

(CLEVELAND) - LeBron James is referring to President Trump as "that guy" in his response to the NFL protests, and not backing down from earlier comments on Twitter.  During the Cleveland Cavaliers media day, the NBA superstar had some harsh words for the President, and his voters.  

"I think that's one of the biggest problems that we have when it comes to vote time," James said.  "People are just not educated on either the individual or the state [of the world]." James went on to say that he realizes that the majority of Ohio voters cast their ballots for Trump as opposed to Hillary Clinton.  "And, am I saying that the people of Ohio wasn't educated?  Am I saying some of the other states that voted for him was uneducated?  They could have been, or they could not have been, but that doesn't mean that it was the right choice," James said.

James was then asked about calling Trump a "bum" on Twitter after the President uninvited Warriors guard Stephen Curry to the White House after Curry said he would be against his team attending a meet-and-greet with Trump.  James said Trump "doesn't understand how many kids look up to the president for guidance, leadership, and encouragement."  James then added he was standing behind his comments, saying once again, "He is a bum."

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