Voting Open For Ohio Military and Overseas Voters

COLUMBUS (AP) - Voting has opened for military and overseas voters in Ohio's fall election.

That voting began Saturday. Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted says registration for the Nov. 7 election continues for both groups.

Military voters who haven't registered or requested an absentee ballot may do so at Overseas voters can visit

Information is available on Husted's website on two statewide ballot issues before voters.

Issue 1, a constitutional amendment, calls for giving crime victims and their families the same rights as the accused. 

Issue 2, a citizen-initiated statute, requires Ohio to align the prices it pays for drugs to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which receives deep discounts.

Across Ohio, voters also will decide 1,518 local issues and a number of candidate races.

(image courtesy of Getty Images)

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