Maria's Field of Hope is blooming in Avon

Maria's Field of Hope

(Avon) - It's the perfect time to visit Maria's Field of Hope, the 35-acre sunflower farm along I-90 in Avon. 

Volunteer Maria Schwenk says almost all the sunflowers are in full bloom, and she will be visiting and helping often. 

Fellow volunteer Peggy says her her nephew had brain cancer as a child and helping to maintain Maria's Field is her way of celebrating his recovery. 

Maria's Field is located between Jaycox Road and State Route 83, and attracts a lot of visitors this time of year, as people wander through, reflect, and take photographs. 

 Megan McNamara is the mother of Maria, and the founder of the Maria Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation. 

She tells Newsradio WTAM 1100 it's encouraging to see so many people visiting, and contributing to her effort to raise awareness and increase research. The field calls attention the need for a cure to childhood brain cancers. 

The foundation will soon surpass the $1 million mark in research funding.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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Maria's Field of Hope

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