City of Cleveland enhancing EMS


(Cleveland) - Mayor Frank Jackson today announced the addition of three new Emergency Medical Service bases to serve City of Cleveland neighborhoods. 

The new bases will be in addition to 47 emergency medical technician and paramedic cadets who start training September 18. 

The EMS bases and increased staff are part of the mayor’s Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative, as series of programs and legislation to improve quality of life in Cleveland neighborhoods. 

“I want to thank the people of Cleveland -This is a direct result of Issue 32 and we wouldn’t be able to make these additions without the enhanced budget,” said Mayor Jackson. “This gives us the ability to have additional ambulances on the street and be flexible enough to have ambulances in the neighborhoods where they are needed most.”

The new bases are located in the 1st District police station 3895 West 130th Street; the 2nd District police station 3418 Fulton Road and the 4th District police station at 9333 Kinsman Avenue. 

The 2nd district location will operate 24 hours per day, and the 1st and 4th district bases will operate during the day shift. 

When the 47 cadets graduate in December 2017, they will work with Field Training Officers and become fully functional by February 2018. The EMTs and Paramedics will then provide staffing to cover vacancies as well as additional positions added as a result of the mayor’s enhanced budget. 

EMS will operate 25 ambulances on day shift and 21 ambulances on night shift. 

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM & Getty Images)

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