Friday 9-1-17

1.      It  appears the deal to renovate Quicken Loans Arena will move forward  after the petition to place the issue on the ballot was withdrawn.   Cavaliers and Quicken Loans CEO Len Komoroski told WTAM News, “"we are  very encouraged by this new development related to the private-public  partnership plan to transform The Q for the long term. We are reviewing  the impact of this change and discussing it further with the County, the  City and others."  Why do you think the black pastors group changed  their tune?


2.      Former Cavalier and new Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving posted a video on  social media thanking Cleveland fans.   He said, “My love extends way  beyond the court I have for Cleveland and it will always be a place  that’s special because of the great people and experiences. The ups and  downs, we stand and fight no matter what the circumstances are, and  that’s what being in Cleveland embodies, it is all love and a whole lot  of pride”.  Will Irving be booed or cheered at the season opener at The Q  in October?  Do you have a problem Irving still referring to  Clevelanders as “we”?


3.      Former  Cleveland State head basketball coach, who won more than 800 games and  coached Villanova to an improbable national title in 1985, passed away  at the age of 82 the other night after battling lung cancer.  Rollie was  a close friend to WTAM NBA analyst and former Cavaliers coach Mike  Fratello,  He was best-known nationally for leading an eighth-seeded  Villanova team to an improbable national title with a victory against  No. 1 seed Georgetown and Patrick Ewing.  Did you get to meet Rollie  during his time in Cleveland?


4.       Best  Buy says it was a big mistake to price hike water in Houston.  Social  media photos showed a 12 pack of Smartwater priced at $29.98 and  24-packs of Dasani were priced at $42.96.  A Best Buy spokesman said,  “This was a big mistake on the part of a few employees”.   Should those  employees be reprimanded or fired?


5.      It’s  Labor Day weekend which means the air show is in and there a lot of  festivals including the St. Rocco festival.  What does Labor Day weekend  mean to you?


6.      South  Carolina residents Corey Payne and his fiancée, Kayla Harris are suing  Amazon claiming the solar eclipse glasses they purchased on line did not  prevent their vision from being harmed.  Do you think this is just the  tip of the iceberg hearing about eye vision problems as a result of the  eclipse?  Should Amazon be held liable?


7.      Apple is expected to reveal their new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch in less than two weeks on September 12th.    Look for updated versions of the 7 and 7 plus in addition to a new  iPhone 8 which has been rumored to cost $1,000.  Do you expect people to  line up to be the first to get the new iPhone 8?


8.      La  Tomatina took place in Spain this week. It’s the world’s largest tomato  fight with approximately 20,000 participants.  Have you ever been in a  food fight?  Would you like to be sling tomatoes?


9.      A hearing for former Flint, Michigan officials charged in the water crisis case was held this week.  It’s a probable  cause hearing for four former Flint officials with charges including  involuntary manslaughter, false pretenses, and conspiracy to commit  false pretenses in relation to the water crisis. What should happen to  them?


10.   Ohio  Republican Gov. John Kasich and Colorado Democratic Gov. John  Hickenlooper are reportedly considering a run for the White House as a  unity ticket in 2020.  Do you think it’s possible in American politics  to see a Democrat and a Republican on the same ticket running for  President of the United States?

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