Dan Gilbert: I Will Not Move The Cavs, Ever!

Dan Gilbert Getty by Jason Miller

(CLEVELAND) - In a tweet heard 'round Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert today categorically denied speculation from some of Cleveland's politicians, talk show hosts, and thousands of fans, that he'll ever move his team out of Cleveland.

Gilbert tweeted "Let's put any silly rumors to rest: I will never move the Cleveland Cavaliers out of Cleveland. Period. And that's unconditional."

Days ago, when the Cavs pulled out of the Quicken Loans Arena renovation funding plan passed by both Cleveland and Cuyahoga Council, some worried he'd decide to move the Cavs out of the city when the team's lease of the Q expires in 2027.

"Somewhere along the line the Cavs are going to have to make a decision," Cleveland City Council president Kevin Kelley told WTAM.  "If it's the oldest arena now, that hasn't gone through a renovation, well, it's only going to be older in 2027.  So, is there any real estate to build a new arena downtown?"

"I'm not saying it's going to happen," Kelley continued, "but let's look at reality, where in Cleveland would you build an arena of that size?  Where is that footprint?"

Gilbert's Cavs decided not to move forward with construction after over ten thousand city residents signed a petition to put the funding plan up for a vote.  The plan utilized tens of millions of dollars from Q admissions taxes to pay off part of the renovation over a number of years.  Opponents argued that money should be used to help Cleveland neighborhoods struggling with poor education facilities, crime and drug abuse.

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