Tuesday 8-29-17

1.      More  than 30,000 people expected in Houston shelters because of Hurricane  Harvey with towns under siege by torrential rain and surging  floodwaters. The already-dire circumstances were complicated by the  release of water from two reservoirs opened to relieve the stress caused  by a downpour that was threatening to equal the area’s average rainfall  for a full year.  How good of a job are emergency responders doing?  Is  the federal government doing enough?


2.      President Donald Trump will travel to Texas today to review the state’s efforts to recover from Hurricane Harvey.   Trump is expected to travel away from the storm zone, avoiding the most  hard-hit areas.   Should the President try and get a closer firsthand  look or is it too much of a security concern?


3.      Comedian  and actor Kevin Hart donated $25,000 for the Hurricane Harvey relief  effort and he’s calling out other celebrities including The Rock, Steve  Harvey, Chris Rock, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Jerry Seinfeld  to donate as well.  Does Hart have a point?  Should more celebrities be  taking the lead by contributing to Harvey relief efforts?


4.      The Houston Astros were scheduled to open up a three game series vs.  the Texas Rangers in Minute Maid Park in Houston today but Houston is  dealing with the aftermath of Harvey.  Should MLB post-pone the Astros  games?   Should they be play at the visiting ballpark?  Should they move  the games to a neutral Major League ballpark?


5.      The  U.S. Census Bureau will release a report on computer and internet use  in the United States today and it will look at the divide between those  who have and those who lack access to computers and the internet. Should  the government be responsible for making sure the poor have access to  the internet?


6.      The  Trump administration is preparing to lift a controversial ban on the  transfer of some surplus military equipment to local police departments.  The program was halted 3 years ago when police departments  battlefield-style response to rioting in a St. Louis suburb made some  uncomfortable. The new order would provide armored vehicles,  large-caliber weapons, ammunition and other heavy equipment from being  re-purposed from foreign battlefields to America's streets.  Is it too  much to have heavy duty military equipment on American city streets?


7.      A hearing for former Flint, Michigan officials charged in the water crisis case was held this week.  It’s a probable  cause hearing for four former Flint officials with charges including  involuntary manslaughter, false pretenses, and conspiracy to commit  false pretenses in relation to the water crisis. What should happen to  them?


8.      Ohio  Republican Gov. John Kasich and Colorado Democratic Gov. John  Hickenlooper are reportedly considering a run for the White House as a  unity ticket in 2020.  Do you think it’s possible in American politics  to see a Democrat and a Republican on the same ticket running for  President of the United States?


9.      The  man once known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, former Maricopa County  Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt last month for  disobeying a judge’s order to stop his immigration round ups looking for  undocumented workers. He received a pardon from President Trump over  the weekend. What do you think about the pardon?


10.   The  man accused of resisting arrest in a viral video posted to Facebook  plead not guilty.  Richard Hubbard III, 25, faced charges of resisting  arrest and driving on a suspended license when he appeared in court for  his initial arraignment. In the video above, officer Michael Amiott can  be seen punching Hubbard several times after telling Hubbard to face  away from him.  It happened after Hubbard was pulled over on E. 228th  Street earlier this month. Hubbard was wearing a neck brace during the  court hearing, and said he feared for his life and did not resist the  officer. Officer Amiott was suspended for 15 days without pay, removed  from the SWAT team and will be undergoing further training.  Do you  think Hubbard will be cashing in from the city of Euclid?


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