Beer can convention underway in downtown Cleveland

Cleveland Beer Can Convention

(Cleveland) - The world's largest gathering of beer memorabilia collectors is underway downtown.  

The can-vention features hundreds of collectors from 13 countries who sell vintage beer cans, advertisements and other items, some worth thousands of dollars. 

The show is presented by the Brewery Collectibles Club of America which was formed in 1970.

Most of the cans for sale or trade go for about a dollar, but a few rare ones are worth a lot more. 

It's only open to members of collectors' clubs Thursday and Friday, but will be open to the public on Saturday at the Huntington Convention Center. 

Organizer "Beer Dave" Gausepohl tells Newsradio WTAM 1100 that beer can collecting is a fast growing hobby that appeals to women as well as men. He says collectors are from every sector of society, both young and old.

(Photos provided by Brewery Collectibles Club of America

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