New roller coaster planned for Cedar Point

(Sandusky) - A new ride is scheduled to debut at Cedar Point next year. A big announcement was made the amusement park this afternoon. 

The new ride is called Steel Vengeance, and will take the place of Mean Streak. It will be a hybrid roller coaster made of steel and wood. 

Cedar Point managers say Steel Vengeance will be the fastest and tallest hybrid roller coaster in the world. The work is being done by Rocky Mountain Construction of Hayden, Idaho. 

The company is best known for its I-Box track and Topper Track for wooden roller coasters. 

RMC founder Fred Grubb promises that Steel Vengeance will be one for the record books.  Steel Vengeance is expected to be ready for Cedar Point's 2018 season. 

It will be 205 feet tall and reach speeds of up to 74 miles per hour over a 5,740 foot track.

(Photo & video by Cedar Point)

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