Emergency grants for low income college students

Columbus (AP)- A Wisconsin-based nonprofit is funding a two-year program that would make emergency grants available to some low-income students at 11 Ohio colleges and universities.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation and Affiliates is the program's primary funding source.

An Ohio State University Office of Student Life spokesman says grants of as much as $1000.00 could help students stay in school instead of dropping out because of financial problems.

The money is payable to whomever the student owes and won't cover costs for tuition, housing or books.

Other schools receiving funding from the program are University of Akron, Cleveland State University,University of Toledo, Xavier University, Heidelberg University, Lourdes University, Mercy College of Ohio, Notre Dame College of Ohio, Ohio Wesleyan and Union Institute and University

Information from:  The Columbus Dispatch.

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