Man Scams Westlake Walgreens Out of $100 On Tiny Purchase

(WESTLAKE) - Westlake police are searching for a man who "quick changed" a young clerk at a Walgreens, leaving with $100 dollars in change.  According to Captain Guy Turner with the Westlake PD, the scam involves:

1) A small purchase.

2) Payment with a large denomination bill ($50 or $100).

3) Repeated requests for different value bills in change one after another.  For example, “give me six $10 bills and five $5 bills," followed by "no wait make that seven $10 bills and five $5 bills.”

Capt. Turner said the man swindled the Westlake Walgreens out of $100 on July 12.  He made a small purchase with a large denomination bill, then requested a variety of bills in change until he had received far in excess of what he was due.

The scammers often target younger clerks who they perceive to be naive or unwilling to stand up to them.

Captain Turner said the best things to do if you ever feel you're being "quick changed" are:

1) Slam the register shut.

2) Call the manager.

If you can identify the suspect, police are asking you to call 440-871-3311.

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