High-Tech Being Used To Help Identify Man's Remains

Unknown man

(Akron) -  Police have not been able to identify the remains of a man found at a burned-out house, so they have turned to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for help, and the AG is using high-tech means to help identify that person.

DNA, dental records and fingerprints have turned up nothing in attempts to identify the man, whose skull was found outside the house on Marcy Avenue in Akron last year, and his skeletal remains inside.  The abandoned house burned in 2012.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says investigators from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation took digital photos of the skull, which were then given to Ohio State University, which used a specialized software program to create a representation of what the man looked like. The representation was created bit-by-bit, almost in the same way 3-D printing is done.

BCI then used that representation to create a clay model of the man’s head, adding what the man’s hair probably looked like.

The man is believed to be Caucasian, between 30 and 55 years old, about 5’9” tall, unknown weight, with unknown hair or eye color.

Items of clothing found with the body include:

  • Croft and Barrow brand coat, size XXL
  • Territory brand coat, size XXL
  • Three layers of pants; Wrangler straight leg jeans on the outside, the next layer being an unknown brand of cotton-polyester pants, and the inner layer being an unknown brand with a white strep down the pant leg
  • Black leather belt
  • Pair of black shoes

Other items found with the body include zipper pulls, a grommet, four coins, a buckle, a partial key, and a complete key, brand “A BUS” with serial number H 00471 stamped on the key’s head.

Anyone with information can call Akron Police at 330-375-2490.

(Photos courtesy Ohio Attorney General's Office)

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