Suspected stalker arrested in North Ridgeville

Michael A. Hayes

(Lorain County) - The North Ridgeville Police Department arrested 47 year old Michael A. Hayes for Menacing by Stalking.  

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on July 6th, in which the North Ridgeville resident allegedly followed an 18 year old female for approximately nine miles.  

Detectives say the case started in North Ridgeville at the Speedway Gas Station located at Center Ridge Road when Hayes followed the woman's vehicle as she left the gas station. 

 Investigators maintain Hayes continued to follow the victim until she was able to lose him at the US 20/SR 301 exit. 

Police report the charge of Menacing by Stalking was upgraded to a felony of the fourth degree due to Hayes' history of violence.

(Photo by North Ridgeville Police) 

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