A New Meaning To "Stay Off My Lawn"

Lawn Letter

(Akron)  --  The family of a ten-year-old Akron boy says it's stunned by a no-contact order filed because the child cut his neighbor's lawn. 

The letter from the Summit County Prosecutor's Office arrived at Zachary Wilson's home last week, ordering the boy to stay away from his 68-year-old neighbor.  James Muffet called police last month when Wilson mowed the lawn without permission, causing damage by cutting the grass too short.

After receiving the letter, Charles Wilson, Zachary's father, posted on Facebook that they'd put up a fence around their property as soon as they could afford it.  Someone has already started a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of the fence.

Neither the Wilson family or Muffet were available for comment when a reporter from Channel 3 News went to both homes.

The report filed with Akron Police by Muffet says he gave Zachary's mother grass seed to replant the damaged grass, but he says the seed was never planted. 

In the police report, Muffet said repairs to the lawn would cost him about $500.

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