VelaSano Bike To Cure

VeloSano Bike to Cure 4 2017

Latin for “swift cure,” VeloSano is a major community initiative in Cleveland, Ohio in which participants raise money for cancer research through the sport of cycling. 100% of the dollars raised by VeloSano participants advances cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. In just three short years, over $8 million has been generated and is already hard at work in the fight against cancer.

When a participant registers to ride, they commit to personally raise a predetermined amount of money that is associated with the distance of their ride. One-day ride options range from 12 to 100-miles and a Two-Day, 200-mile experience is also available. Each route starts and finishes in downtown Cleveland and all are fully supported with rest stops, support-and-gear vehicles, and much more.

You can also support VeloSano as a Virtual Rider (fundraising but not riding) and/or as one of the thousand-plus Volunteers needed to have a safe and successful event weekend.

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