No job offer yet for Chauncey Billups

Denver Broncos v San Diego Chargers

(Cleveland) - An interesting, confusing, upsetting week for the Cavaliers hasn't settled down.

Instead  of closing the gap over the past few days on the champion Golden State  Warriors, Cleveland has been trying to fill a significant hole.

Owner  Dan Gilbert's search to replace general manager David Griffin, who  parted ways with the team Monday, is not yet resolved as talks with  former NBA star Chauncey Billups have not progressed to a job offer. Two  people familiar with the negotiations told the Associated Press on  Thursday that Gilbert has not yet extended a contract proposal to  Billups for a prominent role in his front office.

Gilbert  met on consecutive days this week with Billups, who aspires to be an  NBA executive, but they have not moved beyond talks, said the people who  spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the  talks.

Billups,  a five-time All-Star player with an impeccable reputation around the  league, may be Gilbert's choice to head his basketball operations  following Griffin's departure after guiding the Cavs to three straight  Finals.

But  nothing has been finalized and until someone is in place, the Cavs  remain in flux hours before the draft and in the early stages of an  offseason devoted to revamping an aging roster.

All  the drama seems so unnecessary, but it's hardly new in Cleveland, where  LeBron James and his future are a constant topic of conversation and  concern.

As Gilbert looks for someone to replace Griffin, the 40-year-old Billups would seem to be a perfect fit.

On the other hand, Cleveland might not be ideal for Billups.

The  Finals MVP in 2004 when Detroit upset a Los Angeles Lakers "Super Team"  with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Karl Malone and Gary Payton,  Billups has championship pedigree. Billups was one of the leaders on  Pistons teams that played in six consecutive conference finals, so he  understands the necessary commitment to stay among the league's elite  teams.

Billups  also has a long-term relationship with Gilbert from his days in Detroit  and he's close friends with Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, another journeyman  guard who has found success in the next chapter of his basketball life.

Billups lacks front office experience, but Gilbert would likely allow him to bring in someone to help his transition.

For Billups, any decision to join the Cavs may be more complicated.

The  Cavs are loaded with talent at the top with James, Kyrie Irving and  Kevin Love coming off their second straight Finals together — Love was  injured when Cleveland made it in 2015 — and there's no reason to think  they won't win the Eastern Conference again. But in building their "Big  3," the Cavs exhausted assets to add quality players to the bench unless  they're willing to part with one of their stars.

Griffin dealt seven first-round picks in building the Cavs, leaving them only a 2021 first-rounder as a bargaining chip.

Also, James is entering his final season under contract and it's possible he could leave Cleveland just as he did back in 2010.

Billups  may not want his first gig as a major decision-maker to be with a  franchise as high profile as the Cavs, who are under constant scrutiny  and pressure. That's the deal for any team with James and the weight  will only grow next season as the three-time champion nears free agency  again.

There's also Gilbert's track record for discarding GMs. He's looking for his fifth in 12 years.

And  beyond the basketball, if Billups is picked by Gilbert, he'll also have  juggle whether to uproot his family from its home in Denver and walk  away from a cushy TV analyst job, a position he's handled as smoothly as  a double team during his playing days.

It will be a lot for Billups to consider.

If he turns then down, the Cavs will have even more to handle in a summer that's just begun.

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