Shortage of Detectives Causing Problems

CLEVELAND - A shortage of detectives in the Cleveland PD is causing problems when investigating property crimes.

The Astoria Cafe and Market on Detroit Avenue was broken into last week, but owner Steve Daniels said it took a day and a half to come out and process the crime scene.

The Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association says the city only staffs one or two detectives per day to work crime scenes across the whole city.

Several pieces of evidence were left uncollected when the cafe reopened the following day, and, according to Association President Steve Loomis, that could cause problems if the case goes to trial.

Loomis said, "If it's good DNA evidence and we know somebody was there, but, that was an unsecured crime scene for a day and a half, that's going to get thrown out in a suppression hearing."

Police Chief Calvin Williams acknowledged the problem at a budget hearing back in March, but said it could take years to recruit, hire and train individuals to fill the empty positions.

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

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