Cleveland Yellow Cab Going Out Of Business

Cleveland Yellow Cab Logo

(Cleveland) - Clevelanders are about to lose one option for a ride, as the venerable Yellow Cab company is about to go out of business.

Owner Brian McBride is quoted by as saying the taxi company will close down within 60 days, putting the brakes on not just Yellow Cab, but also Zone Cab, Westlake Cab, and Westlake Express.

McBride doesn't put the blame on on-demand ride services such as Uber and Lyft.  He says it's been hard to find someone to take over the family-owned business, and also that it's hard to find drivers who can pass the city of Cleveland's test for cabbies to get a city license.

Yellow Cab was purchased in 1931 by McBride's grandfather, Arthur, who was also the original owner of the Cleveland Browns.  Browns players who were not on the active roster were often employed by Yellow Cab, giving rise to the term "Taxi Squad."

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