North Ridgeville Animal Control Officer Fired After Smashing Baby Bunnies

(North Ridgeville) - A captain with the North Ridgeville Police department told WTAM he and his department are "not interested" in talking to the public about a police animal control officer who was fired for allegedly smashing the heads of baby rabbits into the back of his pick up truck, killing them.  The captain said the chief of police, Michael Freeman, was also not interested.

A North Ridgeville couple tells our news partner WKYC they called North Ridgeville police after they found baby bunnies while mowing the lawn.  The man, identified as Sheldon Jones, told Channel 3 that when the animal control officer arrived he took he bunnies one by one and killed them.

"When he got here... didn't exchange five words with me... took the rabbits to the tail gate of his truck and smashed their heads down one after the other," Jones said.

Officer Barry Accorti was fired by the city Wednesday.  He is one of two animal control officers employed by the police department, according to the city's website.

It's not the first time Accorti has faced accusations of improperly killing baby animals. He allegedly shot a baby raccoon in front of children in 2013 and was accused of shooting kittens in front of children the following year.

According to the department's website, its mission is to "work in alliance with our citizens in providing professional services that will enhance the quality of life for this community. We believe that this is best accomplished through the fair and impartial application of the law administered in a caring and responsible manner."

Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images 

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