Elyria HS lockdown due to internet hackers

ELYRIA, OH - It turns out the threat at Elyria High School Monday, that put the school on lockdown and sent students home early,  was all because of a hacker. 

Police in Elyria say they got word Monday that a 15-year-old male was barricaded in the Elyria High School bathroom with explosives and threatening mass casualties. The student identified himself in a call to the Lorain County Emergency Management Office. 

But according to a news release from Elyria Police Captain Chris Costrantino, police found that student in a classroom and determined, he didn't make the threat.  That student told police he didn't comply with hackers on the internet which led to what's called doxing, sharing information with other hackers. That led to swatting, deceiving police with a false report. 

The FBI is now involved and trying to figure out who was behind the hoax.

(Photo by Getty Images) 

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