Akron Police Search Houses Near Deadly Fire

(Summit County) - Akron Police executed search warrants at two homes at the corner of Fultz Street and Hillcrest, near the site of where a family of seven died Monday. 

A police spokesman confirmed that search warrants were executed, but said the probe was part of a routine investigation. 

The searches are apparently in connection to the fire, but investigators aren't saying what evidence they recovered from the homes. 

Police were seen carrying away 5 bags of items, including two gas cans.A couple in one of the homes refused to talk to the media, but said they were "ok". 

They were not taken into custody. Most nearby neighbors did not want to share their thoughts on the police activity or the fatal fire this week. 

However, one told WTAM that he was not troubled by the raid, another said he was concerned because there had been trouble in the neighborhood, but did not go into detail.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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