Amherst Woman Meets Al Roker, Who Inspired Her

(Amherst) - A trip to New York with her daughter last week, purportedly to see a live concert on TV's Today Show, turned out to be instead a chance to meet weatherman Al Roker, who had inspired her to lose 170 pounds.

Marcie Jaworski tells WTAM 1100 that she was severely overweight, and got inactive after tearing her rotator cuff.   While she was recuperating,  Jaworski saw an ad for the Slimgenics diet program, and decided to try it, especially being inspired by Roker's boo about his own weight loss.

Fast forward to last week, when Jaworski and her daughter went to New York.  Before the concert by pop singer Harry Styles, Jaworski was called up onto the stage by Today host Hoda Kotb, who introduced her to Roker, and told her that she was one of the mothers that the show was honoring last week, thanks to a nomination by her daughter.

Jaworski says that since her appearance on Today, she has received a number of messages from across the country from women who want to know how she lost 170 pounds.

(Photo courtesy Marcie Jaworski)

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