Five time killer gets life in prison

(Cleveland) - A 21 year old Cleveland man will spend the rest of his life in prison, after pleading guilty to the deaths of 5 people. 

The victims were killed shot and killed inside an E. 92nd Street home near Wade Park Avenue in 2014. 

James Sparks-Henderson was arrested for the crimes in 2015. 

The plea helped Sparks-Henderson avoid the death penalty. 

Investigators said Sparks-Henderson took photos of the crimes, and they were found on his cellphone. 

Just before Sparks-Henderson was sentenced, Delray Johnson, a relative of the victims who was giving a statement during the court session, suddenly lunged at Sparks-Henderson and was wrestled away by deputies.

When court resumed, Sparks-Henderson pleaded guilty to the murders of 41 year old Sherita Johnson, her unborn baby, 19 year old Ja'rio Taylor, 60 year old Lemon Bryant, and 17 year old Shaylona Williams.

Speaking through defense attorney Fernando Mack, Sparks-Henderson told the court he was very sorry for his actions, and claimed that on the day of the murders his emotions got the better of him.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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